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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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communication person from the office of economic development. 0 how do we reach more people she wanted to know and so she's ever present in the project and i'm grateful to everyone. now questions >> questions commissioner white. >> i want to thank greg and mary ann you've been doing great outreach to get the information out to businesses is just probably the best i've seen in the city so far. and then secondly, on your outreach sheet i noticed in my is there a way to tie this into small business week >> yes. we're indefinitely working with regina to incorporate it in a way to reach again many, many, many merchant.
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>> yes. sorry about that. >> okay. great. >> commissioner riley. >> at the for the presentation my question is any of this outreach material going to be in different languages like chinese and spanish and a yes. the flier is translated 0 into chinese and spanish the library flier is being in the process of being translated but it's being translated into chinese and spanish. >> it's going to be in the language as well the presentation and a yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i wanted to extend my peeshgs to greg awe and ail. the commission advocated to make sure in the budget there was funding for the adequate outreach.
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because of that we have this - we have funds to be able to put together solid outreach and campaign materials. so i think a good job has been done it's easy to read and grasp. so i really want to extend my appreciation to mary ann and greg and gloria for your great work. wanted to make sure you got the presentation early on. the business is the calendar and other public
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workshops that maybe happening the calendar will be there. continue to direct people driver's license. i asked mary ann to provide the list of organizations we're familiar with and know about but please take a look at it and if there's action you know about send them to me or i'll get them to mary ann directly >> any other commissioner questions or comments. let's quickly open this up for public comment. any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed and i just like to thank you both because i've hearing out there when i ask about this. i know you spoke that the association of realtors a year ago friday and it's going to be
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changes and it's changes for everyone. some people they're going to like the changes and others are not. i know you guys are taking the brunt of that or i want to say you're doing a great job so thank you. we're all ambassadors on this >> next item, please. >> that is items 8 and 9 which is the election of the officers from the vice president and want. item 8 is first, the following instructions apply to both. we're elect a vice president and want. for each office the secretary will call for names and all require a second next is to provide an opportunity for a
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statement and other commissioners can comment. following this the commission will ask for any public comment? and each order the names is received for each office they will serve a term of 12 months. nominations will be reopted if need be. any commissioner questions at this time? very good. we'll open namgsdz for the president of the smn commission >> commissioner riley. >> i nominate steve adams. i second. thank you. i have a nomination of the steve adams. any other nominations for
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president. seeing none, i'll conduct the roll call vote >> thank you each and every one of you do a lot for this commission and yet everybody does a lot for the small businesses in the city and i value everyone's opinion and we've done some good things and thank you. >> thank you commissioner president adams. any other commissioners comments on the namthsz. seeping we'll open this up for public comment any any public comment on this item? seeing none. we'll conduct a vote >> commissioner president adams. commissioner dooley. commissioner dwight. commissioner riley. commissioner white.
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commissioner president adams is elected open a vote of 5 votes to zero. that brings us to item 9 election of officers small business commission vice president. >> i'd like to animates commissioner white for vice president. >> second. >> any other namgdz seeing none, commissioner white. >> i'd like to thank you for the opportunity serve as president on the commission i've enjoyed the work. >> thank you, commissioner any other commissioners that want to comment. >> seeing none, are there any members of the public that want to comment for commissioner white for the vice president. >> seeing none, we'll conduct a
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roll call. >> commissioner president adams. sfool. commissioner dwight. commissioner riley. commissioner white. commissioner white is elected on a vote of 5 to zero. congratulations to both commissioners >> mr. president, that is the director's report. >> well, first, i want to say congratulations to commissioner president adams for your third 0 item term as the president and commissioner white for your second term. looking forward to 2014 with you. and so i'll get into my report and i'm going to be somewhat brief. a week before last the mayor is r had a state of the city and most of it was around
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affordability and the business items i want to highlight he brought out was his commitment to continue the 88 program that has been developed with the neighborhood. and continue on small business leading up and support for the business portal. those are 3 important things for the commission. and the mayor has - will be continuing his commitment on that. i want to make the announcement so on december 9th the commission approved a resolution to have the apply for the s b d c rfp and last friday open the 24th we received the official announcement that this o the contract has been granted so we'll be meeting in the next
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couple weeks to figure out how we will be working on facilitating that grant. once we'll have that flushed out you'll get the plan for the city program. a quick update the jobs are posted now and but we're still a ways away from it's a fairly laborious process even once the jobs are are do posted they're posted through the 8th district at large. there's testing and there's a period of some an individual to
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be able to consist about their test. it's a detailed and lengthy process and if all goes well timing wise we will know at least for one position around the end of march the other may take longer because there's a specific language requirement and an additional test. christen and i will be metro moot with dwp to start formalizing the permit process and structure. we do need to work out some discussions and how it will be done with dwp and, of course, get an absolute confirmation from them. the formula retail study the presentation was made to working groups and the planning
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commission last week phase one was presenting data. it did not the data didn't give any inclusive direction of any sort of concept or ideas in terms of - not necessarily rethinking but there are there other ways to take into account a formula retail control. we'll wait and see and commissioner dooley you attended one of the workshops so you'll be able to present that. and lastly it's a long list of legislation that's before the commission the legislation of policy committee we'll be hearing from later on today. and in the future.
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with that, i that concludes my report if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> can i gritting give a shout out to senate file you can't a she's been doing a good job. i want to give a shout you tell to her. i'm starting to hear from other people and posted online her presentations i wanted to give a shout out for her hard work >> i extend my appreciation she did a good job in calling for some of the stakeholders to review this with. a good group of people to present it to. >> okay. next item. >> the next item is item 11 president's report. >> i want to remove the item to
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our next meeting on february 9th. >> february 9th. >> do we need to take a vote on that. >> no. >> okay. and with that we've got the k0ur7b8 merchant dinner on february 6th. and we are already starting meetings in dialog for small business week 2014 already. so it's moving too fast. that's all i have at the moment and it brings us to item 12 vice presidents report >> yes. i attended the merchant meetings lecture and i'll be attending the diner on february 6th. >> thank you item 13
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commissioners reports. >> commissioner dooley. >> i'll be attending the council district merchant diner on the 6. i attended the formula retail meeting to review. it was a little bit doipt to the stakeholders it was generally drawn by the center virile and we're looking forward to moving forward. i attended the neighborhood and empowerment meeting it was interesting to see the combination of merchant and residents working together to make their neighborhoods better and it was actually very moving
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from different people in the city about those things that people have done for their neighborhoods and merchants have done. it really was a very regarding evening. that's it for me >> commissioner commissioner riley. >> well, just wanted to let you know this friday is the year of the horse. >> great marry by other commissioner comments. seeing none, public comment is closed >> item 14 any public comment? >> any public comment on this item? for future meetings ins seeing none, public comment is closed next item. >> item 15 new business. >> any items for new business. i have one.
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and i know we had rachel in from dwp to talk about the clean team and i'd like to have a future meeting about getting merchant corridors more involved with the graffiti clean team. i know we have the giant sweep going on. you know, we have cpds and dwp doing things but we need to get the merchant corridors involved so as a future meeting >> i have one item too. it came to my attention about formula retail there was strong feeling of lack of employment by are minority groups in small business. i think we want to look at that and go over things and see what
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we can do to improve that situation >> any other items? seeing none, next item >> item 16 adjournment this is an action item. >> do we have a motion to adjourn. >> meeting adjourned. >> meeting adjournment at
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>> here we are at the embarcadero. we are standing at one of locations for the street artists. can you tell me about this particular location, the program? >> this location is very significant. this was the very first and only location granted by the board of supervisors for the street artist when the program began in 1972.
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how does a person become a street artist? there are two major tenants. you must make the work yourself and you must sell the work yourself. a street artist, the license, then submitting the work to a committee of artists. this committee actually watches them make the work in front of them so that we can verify that it is all their own work. >> what happened during the holiday to make this an exciting location? >> this would be a magic time of year. you would probably see this place is jammed with street artists. as the no, there is a lottery held at 6 in the morning. that is how sought after the spaces are. you might get as many as 150 street artists to show up for 50 spaces. >> what other areas can a
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licensed street artist go to? >> they can go to the fisherman's wharf area. they can go in and around union square. we have space is now up in the castro, in fact. >> how many are there? >> we have about 420. >> are they here all year round? >> out of the 420, i know 150 to sell all year round. i mean like five-seven days a week. >> are they making their living of of this? >> this is their sole source of income for many. >> how long have you been with this program. how much has it changed? >> i have been with the program since it began 37 and a half years ago but i have seen changes in the trend. fashion comes and goes. >> i think that you can still
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find plenty of titis perhaps. >> this is because the 60's is retro for a lot of people. i have seen that come back, yes. >> people still think of this city as the birth of that movement. great, thank you for talking about the background of the program. i'm excited to go shopping. >> i would like you to meet two street artists. this is linda and jeremy. >> night said to me to print them -- nice to meet you. >> can you talk to me about a variety of products that use cell? >> we have these lovely
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constructed platters. we make these wonderful powder bowls. they can have a lot of color. >> york also using your license. -- you are also using your license. >> this means that i can register with the city. this makes sure that our family participated in making all of these. >> this comes by licensed artists. the person selling it is the person that made it. there is nothing better than the people that made it. >> i would like you to meet michael johnson. he has been in the program for over 8 years. >> nice to me you.
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what inspired your photography? >> i am inspired everything that i see. the greatest thing about being a photographer is being able to show other people what i see. i have mostly worked in cuba and work that i shot here in san francisco. >> what is it about being a street artist that you particularly like? >> i liked it to the first day that i did it. i like talking to mentum people. talking about art or anything that comes to our minds. there is more visibility than i would see in any store front. this would cost us relatively very little. >> i am so happy to meet you. i wish you all of the best.
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>> you are the wonderful artist that makes these color coding. >> nice to me to. >> i have been a street artist since 1976. >> how did you decide to be a street artist? >> i was working on union square. on lunch hours, i would be there visiting the artist. it was interesting, exciting, and i have a creative streak in me. it ranges from t-shirts, jackets, hats. what is the day of the life of a street artist? >> they have their 2536 in the morning. by the end of the day, the last people to pack the vehicle probably get on their own at 7:30 at night. >> nice to me to condemn the --
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nice to meet you. >> it was a pleasure to share this with you. i hope that the bay area will descend upon the plaza and go through these arts and crafts and by some holiday gifts. >> that would be amazing. thank you so much for the hard work that you do. aah! i'm a lion! yes, you are. come here. let's see how this looks. hey, how's my little horse? she's a lion. yes, she is. grrr!
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>> hay there san francisco this is the final buzz but that's hard to building that january was here let's have some improvement this is the recycled art exhibit the unique program is for local artist for discard materials from the endangers. so come check outline that's right masterpieces this tuesday from 5 to 9 and this thursday go for the best life night every thursday night we have in the
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course event take home some art pieces and get back to the new wave d g. for this thursday just 10 bucks and saturday come out to at&t for the giant fan effort from temple to 5. you can also take festivity and get autographs if you're a baseball fan and one of the san francisco giant it is our place. for more info invest as at them
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commission on the environment. today is tuesday, january 28th. it is 5:10 p.m. first item on the agenda is roll call. commission president joshua arce? >> here. >> commission vice president [speaker not understood] is excused. commissioner ruth gravanis? >> here. >> commissioner [speaker not understood]? >> here. >> commissioner heather stephenson? >> here. >> commissioner heather wall? >> here. >> [speaker not understood]? >> here. >> next item on the agenda is the approval of minutes of the november 12, 2013 commission on the environment special meeting retreat and december 3, 2013 rescheduled meeting. commissioners, in your packet you have november 12 and december 3rd draft minutes. this is a discussion and action item. ~ >> colleagues, unless


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